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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goodbye 2011 and Welcome 2012

Perhaps this post should have come earlier, but well, better late than never! XD This my art summary for 2011 and... it looks sooo diverse: it looks like it’s featuring the drawings of different artists instead of just one! o.o Well, perhaps it reflects the nature of this year: for me, 2011 has been a year made of ups and downs (more downs than ups, unfortunately)...Things I considered for certain have suddenly turned up differently than I ever expected; I’ve been thrown into new unknown situations unexpectedly, I’ve had to fight a lot against the world outside me and also the world inside myself... this year has been a year of “research” and I’m not simply talking of my MA the dissertation here,  this would be too reductive; I’m also talking about life-related things as well as my art: I have got to know many inspiring artists and my visual background has become as rich as never before. This may explain the multitude of different styles featured in this year summary, I think. That’s why, if I had to describe 2011 with a positive expression, I would say an extremely intellectually stimulating year: I have got to know so many new, different people at the uni of warwick, I have learned a lot from them, I have got to know new things, I have been through so many fascinating experiences that one year of my life seems too short to contain then all (but it does). However, I cannot deny that 2011 has also been an emotionally devastating year, full of sorrow, from the beginning to its end... There have been people that, willingly or unwillingly, have disappeared from my life... and one of these is my grandma. This was a weird Christmas without her. I believe there’s a kind of sorrow that never leaves us, we just learn to live with it, and I believe 2011 has been full of this kind of sorrow. A sorrow that combines with a sense of nostalgia that generates so many bitter-sweet memories that crowd my mind:

The nights spend talking in Yimei’s room, talking about me, her, the world outside, our vision of it, our love, our dreams, our fears...

the spring springing in the Warwick countryside, the beautiful flowers, the bright green of the trees, the clear sky, the almost endless daylight. The Tocil meadow. But also the rain, the rain that never left us, a drizzle that tapped my Heronbank window. The smell of  the wood under the moquette and Mei’s looking outside my window saying: “You’ve got a good view from here”.

The delicious chinese food cooked by Kay, me always “stealing” something from him, and that someone that always stole food from our kitchen...(who the hell was that?)

The weirdness of my flat. The unforgettable Nimesh's laughs that look like cries. Me knocking at his door to prank him.

Mei taking photos of everything everywhere!

Ducks and daylight waking me up in the morning. Enjoying the big bathtub.

Going at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s and making fool of myself in front of the producer of “Matilda the Musical”. Asking for the musical script, saying I wanted to translate it for my dissertation. “No, I’ll give you everything but not Matilda!”. Sitting in a diner, waiting for a call that never came. Alone again from that point on.

Watching “Wicked” at the Victoria theatre, chatting with the nearby man who was complaining about the horrible seat, asking why he chose to see this musical; I bought the program: “It’s for my dissertation!”

Easter eggs and easter bunnies outside my flatmates door. Nimesh's saw his only the day after because he thought i was playing another prank on him when i knowcked his door to give him the chocolate bunny. XD

Jokes, laughs and fun in the kitchen, secrets shared with flatmates, my best birthday ever with Jennifer, Mei, Mariarosa, Natasha...

The enthusiasm of my supervisor, Loredana Polezzi, the challening and stimulating meetings I had with her and Cristina Marinetti. Suffering whilst completing the dissertation, the never perfect work, but the academic work in which I put more effort and passion than ever.

The feeling of hope that was given to me by a funny and sweet play, "you're not the other girls Chrissy". The understanding of love. The strange fate.

The  anger of the worst/best quarrel i had with Mei in London and the sweet feeling of reconciliation after. The night spent at Elsie’s house, the annoying (but so cosmopolitan) sound of the sirens far away (there were riots in london). Walking in  Oxford street in the early (for me! 9:00 am) morning with Mei, buying a pair of mary jane shoes at Schuh, and rushing to elsie’s office to get her the house key...

Seeing Yetty again in london, after having confused the day of her birthday party: hugs, hugs and laughs at Euston station.

Three hours spent in Hamleys’ with Angela, among toys, dolls, puppets and colorful shop assistants trying out the games on show.

First time in Carnaby street with Angela. Before I thought this street did not exist, really! XD

The days at the Herbert museum, chatting with wardens and the other volunteers, helping out visitors, having fun listening Steve’s stories

Nando’s food, flat dinner, everybody at Nando’s together (or almost).

Oxford: walking down the river path, wishing to be not alone there, but still one of the best places I’ve visited in England.

John mocking professors, the funny dinner we had at Cosmo, the bewilderment of the after dinner... XD

Finding out the Mary jane shoes I had bought in London were definetely too small for me. Going to birmingham to change them. Running into a man on the train who helped me out in finding the way. Becoming friends. Still in touch with Graham so far.

Shopping in Birmingham, shopping in tesco, the late night Megabus, the early morning Megabus, dominos pizzas, job hunting, giilmore girls addiction, blueberry muffins in costa, coventry in the early morning, leamington spa at noon, the 5 pm sunday mass at the nearby church next to Tesco, wariwck library desertedduring holidays (so cool!), the English bookshops where books cost defintely less than italy, the dawn of a 17th september made of bitterness and happiness, a card between my hands, Mei had said me “goodbye” and “I love you” and I hugged her and stood half sleepy numb in the aisle. I start singing making fool of myself as usual, try to laugh whilst inside I was crying. I run after her and waved at her whilst she got on the van that brought her to London. Dreams of people saying goodbyes till 8 am.  11 am, a goodbye to Warwick too.

I don’t want to forget anything from this year, because everything I have had, good or bad, has helped me to learn. Things are thrown away only when they become old, useless and ugly, and so are memories. Fortunately, nothing I have been through this year is so ugly, so old and, above all, so useless to be forgotten.

I wish you a 2012 that is better than 2011 and only a little bit worse than the years to come.


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